Winter in Robe

The waves are crashing in on Long Beach, and the winds are blowing, but does that mean Robe closes down for winter? I don’t think so. Winter is my favourite time of year in the South East. There is something about the raging ocean and those howling winds that attracts me, that need to nestle in to Villa Malmo, with some fantastic local red wines and watch the changing skies from the living room. That said, there are some great things that you can do it you want to get out and about. A quick roadtrip over to Beachport is a great way to fill in a Saturday afternoon. Pop in to Carapace gift shop for some beautiful homewares and furniture. The ladies that run the store are super friendly and will be able to give you some inspiration if you require it.


Villa Malmo Robe South Australia

Carapace giftshop at Beachport




Take a walk out the super long Beachport jetty, then have a bite to east at the Beachport Take Away and Coffee Shop, just opposite the jetty. Later on in the afternoon, head back to Robe, and make a booking for the Robe Hotel for dinner.  If you want to have a couple of drinks, its worth giving Fast Freddy a call to take you in to town from Villa Malmo. After your lovely dinner, pop into the Caledonian for some drinks in the bar by the open fire.

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Now that i have been thinking about this, i wish i were in Robe today! next time you arrive in town, pop into Cellarbrations Liquor next to Foodland and head to the local wine section. Pick up some Wangolina, Woodsoak, Cape Jaffa or any of the other fabulous local wine labels, relax and enjoy your stay in Robe.


Long Beach Robe Winter

Obelisk Robe South Australia